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Moments Like This

The Sibling Thing

22-Aug-2015 in Rakhi , Holidays , Special Occasions

The Sibling Thing

A Guide To Understanding: Brothers & Sisters

1. The constant struggle of scouring the albums for a picture of Pregnant Mom or matching your baby pictures to that of your parents... just to like make sure you're not adopted (since your sibling tells you that you are, every single day!)

2. The unparalleled thrill that comes with successfully passing the buck on to your sibling! 'What vase? You never even touched the vase! But you totally found this vase fragment in your sibling's room.' Right. Your childhood gave you practically enough practice to be a profession con man.

3. That awkward moment when you become a teenager and realize that your older siblings friends are the coolest and hottest people ever - but your sibling embarrassingly throws you out of the room constantly.

4. When you suddenly have to appreciate (read: suck up to) having an older sibling because they've already figured their way around the rules and you need their intel.

5. That nirvana like realization you and your siblings have when you figure out that combining your powers against the parentals (instead of each other) is your very own version of world domination.

6. The endearing but mortifying nicknames you have for each other that you are sure to bring out at every family gathering -- and with an accompanying story to tell!

7. The possessiveness and protectiveness that fiercely rears its head when anyone but you picks on your sibling! And with all that practice you've had fighting with your sibling, everyone else better watch out – ‘cause you will hurt them!

8. If you're the younger one... you have been dressed up a girl, used as a hostage, been drawn on, been locked out of the room, been locked in to the bathroom, and been made to go-fetch. And every. single. time... you plot an elaborate and epic revenge! Any day now… you know you're gonna get the chance. Although, the best revenge is mocking them every time they turn older!

9. The time you literally have to thank God because you realize that there is another person that is as genetically responsible to teach your parents how to navigate the 21st century. One explains Facebook and Twittering while the other joins the battle of Mom vs. iMac.

10. The soulful relief in knowing that despite anything and everything, you will always have each other’s back through thick and thin. Your siblings are your eternal wolf pack, and with them near or far, you know you're never really alone.

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