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On The Map

Stroll down memory lane with your BFF on our Nostalgia Tour of Bombay's best spots

30-Jul-2015 in Mumbai

Stroll down memory lane with your BFF on our Nostalgia Tour of Bombay's best spots

It's one of those enchanting monsoon days made for curling up with our favorite cuppa and cookies. Gazing into the misty, stormy and ever growing horizon we can't help but get a whist of nostalgia for Bombay past. So throw on that late 90's Hit List -- yes we're talking Jenny from the Block J-Lo, a little bit of Mariah and of course some Backstreet Boys - and journey down our Bombay 'It List.'

The best way to our hearts is through Baubles, Bites and Beers. We have the baubles covered on our site, so it's time to give some props to the establishments that made us who we are today. It was at these favorites that we spent countless hours contemplating our futures, laughing ourselves silly with our friends or just getting food-coma blitzed on some yummies.

1. Marine Drive
We can't even count the number of summer days, monsoon afternoons and winter nights spent lounging on the magnificent promenade of Marine Drive. Sipping some chai while watching the people, cars and world go by whilst being lulled by the lapping waves is the highlight of every Bombay experience.

2. Bachelor's Ice Cream
This is still one of our favorite things to do. Get in the car with your boo, blast some tunes and drive around this magical city at night. Cruising down that stretch of Marine Drive you just get an intrinsic longing for ice cream, and that black currant ice cream always hits the spot. It's the perfect date, every time!

3. Sardar Pao Bhaji
Bombay Street Food at its absolute best. As long as you close your eyes while it's being made (if you don't see the gallons of butter being used - it totally reduces the calories, right?) Occasionally, we would try to take it home, but the aroma wafting through would just result in a supremely messy car.

4. Cafe Mocha
Unfortunately while this most memorable coffee shop has shuttered its doors, we had to give a shout out to our very own 'Central Perk.' The never-ending hours spent chilling at Mocha - delving into a sinful brownie sundae, experimenting with the coffee menu and of course, puffing away on the delicious hookah flavors - were the foundation of many of our current friendships.

5. China Garden
MSG infused food never tasted quite so freakin' good. Back when kids were allowed for dinner, "CG" was a Sunday Classic with the fam. It's the nostalgia (and some kind of addictive crack in the corn curd) that keeps us going back today!

6. Jazz By The Bay / Pizza By The Bay
So many of those "Nights that turned into Mornings" college weekends would definitely include a slice or two of that delish gooey-cheesy pizza followed by busting out the hits with some off-tune karaoke or music gig!

7. Cafe Mondegar
You could always count on Mondy's for a yummy bite and multiple beers. It's always been a Bombay Classic, and there was no better place to watch the world go by, as you knocked back some drank with your friends!

8. Swati Snacks
Oh, those after school afternoons where we spent the entire evening making our way through the menu. Thank God we still had that youthful energy only kids have to work off all those cheese dosas and falafels.

9. Fire & Ice
You may have tried to block out the fashion choices and poor life decisions 17-year old you made at Fire & Ice - but you remember it! It was the only club we had, and we thought it was the coolest place ever! Oh, that awkward dancing! We're just thankful that Facebook didn't exist back then!

10. Our Friend's Houses
We pretty much grew up at our BFF's houses! Before then influx of fun things to do in Bombay, your best option was to hang out with friends at their homes! And it was before the iPad and the X-Box, so we actually spent time on each other, building lifelong friendships and memories!

This nostalgia tour has totes inspired us to call our besties and tell them we love them! And what better way to celebrate a friendship than by giving your Number One another (albeit materialistic) BFF with one of our Rhea pieces! Shop Now on in time for Friendship Day on August 2nd!